License to Sell


License to Sell
License to Sell Firearms
Any local business looking to sell firearms, must purchase a License to Sell Firearms. The License has a fee of $57.00 and is good for a period of 3 years. You will receive a notice when your license is almost ready to expire.
You must complete the application for a Pennsylvania License to Sell Firearms and return it to the Sheriff's Office with $57.00 for the cost of the license. Checks should be made payable to “Armstrong County Sheriff's Office”.  Please include a copy of your Federal Firearms License and Sales Tax License. Your license will be mailed once completed.
License to Sell Firearms Application PDF
License to Sell Precious Metals
Any person who purchases or makes appraisals of precious metals and their alloys for resale to refiners, brokers, or the public, is required to purchase a precious license to sell precious metals. Precious metals—Items containing or being of gold, silver or platinum, including, but not limited to, jewelry and silver services. The term does not include coins, ingots, bullion or photographic film or articles containing less than 5% of gold, silver or platinum by weight.
The Cost of License to Sell Precious Metals is $50.00, which can be paid in cash or by check or money order made payable to “Armstrong County Sheriff”
For more information about precious metal licenses please visit the Pennsylvania Code website at:
Application for License to Sell Precious Metals PDF