Armstrong County Sheriff's Office
Frank Pitzer, Sheriff
Armstrong County Courthouse
500 E. Market Street, Suite 106
Kittanning, PA 16201
Phone: 724-548-3265
Fax: 724-548-3264
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Sheriff's Office provides security for the Courthouse, service of civil documents for the courts and the community, serves warrants, issues licenses for firearms and transports prisoners.
Sheriff Frank Pitzer
Frank Pitzer's Biography
As Armstrong County’s sheriff, Sheriff Pitzer brings a wealth of experience, unique skillset and passion for public safety to the Armstrong County Sheriff’s office. Guided by his belief that service equals reward, Sheriff Pitzer has led efforts to help build on trust in the agency by implementing a host of initiatives focused on bolstering training, building stronger community relationships, providing our youth with expanded opportunities for success and ensuring our employees are held to the highest standards of professionalism and accountability.
Growing up in a family business, Sheriff Pitzer learned from an early age the dedication, determination and hard work that is needed to be successful in any profession. As sheriff, he has used his experiences as a launching pad to implement forward-thinking policies to better connect with the communities Armstrong County serves.
Sheriff Pitzer established his home in Armstrong County in 1989 when he moved to Bethel Township to open a business. He attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in criminology and received his ACT 120 certification. During his time at IUP, he received a Letter of Commendation for his leadership skills. Sheriff Pitzer understands the importance of mentoring the next generations that are interested in criminal justice.
Sheriff Pitzer began his law enforcement career in 2003 with the Parks Township Police Department after being inspired after the 911 attack on our country. He did not just want to talk about making a difference, he was determined to make a difference. He spent several months with the Ford City Police Department before he was promoted to detective and Area Coordinator for the Armstrong County Narcotics Enforcement Team (ARMNET) were he eventually became the Director of Operations for the narcotics unit. He spent 15 years with the Armstrong County Sheriff’s Department as a captain. As a law enforcement officer in Armstrong County, he received numerous awards, commendations and honors.
Later, too aware of the numerous active shooter incidents occurring throughout the country and around the world, Sheriff Pitzer focused on specializing in precise training and providing threat assessments for both public and private sector entities. The training platform developed is currently being used by thousands of people across Pennsylvania and surrounding states. 
Doing what is right, not what is convenient, is his driving force. His priorities include:
     •    Accountability: Sheriff Pitzer is always working to build public trust by bringing            accountability and transparency to this agency and to this community. Armstrong County           deputies are held accountable for their actions and know that egregious use of force will           never be tolerated. He works hand in hand with each and every deputy both in the           courthouse and out in the field. 
     •   Community Policing: Sheriff Pitzer has instilled into the agency his core belief of community          policing. Throughout Sheriff Pitzer’s law enforcement career, he has been heavily involved          with local schools and community activities. He believes that it takes a village to raise a          child and that we all need to step up and help be the eyes and ears of our neighborhoods.
     •   School Safety: Sheriff Pitzer will be working diligently to increase the safety of our schools.          He will be conducting trainings for Active Shooting and Emergency drills at each and every          school in Armstrong County.
     •   Training and Preparedness: Armstrong County deputies will be current on all job related          trainings and will be prepared in every aspect if their duties. Training leads to success. We          need to be better each and every day and the only way to achieve this is training.
     •   Investing in our Future: Sheriff Pitzer’s plans to expand youth programs and opportunities          to further develop the ambition of our young people. We need to educate and guide our          youth. It is more important now more than ever. 
Sheriff Pitzer resides in Bethel Township with his family. He will continue to bring the same tireless work ethic that has been characteristic of his career to ensure Armstrong County Sheriff’s Department remains the finest public safety agency in Pennsylvania. Sheriff Pitzer’s goal has always been and always will be to have Armstrong County the safest place to live.

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