Regina Himes, Chief Probation Officer
Armstrong County Courthouse, Room 303
500 E. Market Street, Suite 303
Kittanning, PA 16201
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The President Judge of Armstrong County and the Armstrong County Probation Department are committed to provide the highest quality of service and supervision to its community and clients.
The community and clients have certain expectations, obligations and basic rights, which must be honored and protected. The primary objective of probation supervision is the protection of the community by returning the criminal offender to a secure, law-abiding status in society. The Probation Department attempts to provide this protection in accordance with the rights retained by offenders who have violated the laws. This supervision is carried out within the framework of the Constitution and the Criminal Justice System.
Adult Probation
Probation services strive to provide opportunities and experiences which can have a positive influence on the offender. The Probation Department understands that the offender can change a negative behavior pattern when given the opportunity of help and guidance that is needed. This depends to a great extent on the offender's desire to change his behavior pattern.
The Probation Department stresses individualized treatment using supervision, community resources and programs that will hopefully direct the offender toward a successful reintegration into the community and to aid the court in sentencing and treatment programs for the offender.
The Probation Department stands both as representative of the community and a representative of the offender. The Probation Department provides services that are needed both by the community and the offender. Services directed by the Probation Department, if handled successfully by all parties, will result in the protection of the community and a positive behavior pattern by the offender, which results in a successful reintegration into the community.
Intensive Treatment and Supervision Program (IST)
The IST program is an eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24) month program in which a person moves through various stages of treatment.  The program usually begins with a residential stay, followed by halfway house, followed by Intensive Supervision and Electronic Monitoring in the community.  The lengths of time and treatment services are tailored to the individual’s needs and can begin at any point on the continuum of services.  Applicants for the program must be a resident of Armstrong County and willing to reside in the County during the duration of the program.  Individuals in the program are sentenced by the Armstrong County Court of Common Pleas and have an opportunity to reduce the total time on supervision through successful completion.   The IST Video is brief (less than 10 minutes) and  provides more information about the services provided, eligibility and program requirements.  Interested persons are encouraged to call the Armstrong County Probation Department.
Juvenile Probation
The goals of the Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice System are:
• To hold the juvenile offender accountable fo offenses committed. When a crime is committed    obligations to the victim and community are incurred. Victims shall have the opportunity to be    active participants in the juvenile process. Offenders shall take responsibility for making    restitution and participate in structured activities that benefit the community. Responses should    be individualized.
• To protect the community from known offenders. The public has a right to a safe and secure    community. The level of restrictions shall be matched to the level of the risk. Adults and    organizations can take an active role in juvenile crime prevention.
• To assist juvenile offenders in developing competencies. Juvenile offenders at discharge should    be capable of being more productive and responsible members of the community.
Community Service Opportunities
The Armstrong County Probation Department is constantly looking for ways to involve adult and juvenile offenders in valued community service. If your non-profit organization is interested in a helping hand, please contact the office at 724-548-3491 to find out how you can participate and what the community service program can offer. Community service participants are covered by insurance. The primary requirement is that supervision and direction be available.