Inmate Telephone


1.    Inmates are given one free commitment telephone call when first booked into the jail. After        that, they are generally locked down for a 72 hour period in the Classification Unit.
2.    Once classification has been completed, inmates are generally able to utilize the housing        unit telephones from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.
3.    If you receive a telephone call from an inmate there will be a recording asking if you wish to        accept the call. The system will only allow a limited number of collect calls without setting        up an account. To set up a phone account you must contact IC Solutions (ICS) at 1-888-506-       8407 or you can establish a pre-paid account at
4.    If you do not wish to receive any telephone calls the recording will give you an option to        block the calls from coming in.
5.    Third party calls are prohibited and may result in sanctions against the inmate such as        segregation time, denial of parole or loss of other privileges. This may also result in your        telephone number being blocked by the jail administration.
6.    All telephone service/billing complaints must go through:  ICS, Customer Service, 2200        Danbury Street, San Antonio TX 78217.
7.    Incoming calls are prohibited and will not be forwarded to the inmate; nor will any messages        be passed to an inmate by staff.
8.    Emergency and hardship calls are available by request to the Counselor or Shift Supervisor.
9.    All telephone calls from an inmate in a correctional facility may be recorded in accordance        with 18 PA. C.S.A. 5704(14)