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The PDA Waiver Program funds intensive services in the homes of individuals as an alternative to nursing home placement. Through this program persons who are financially eligible, and functionally eligible, can avoid nursing home placement by choosing to have the PDA Waiver program purchase in-home services instead. The PDA Waiver program is a joint effort between the PA Department of Aging and the PA Department of Public Welfare.


  1. The local Area Agency on Aging determines functional eligibility
  2. The County Assistance office determines financial eligibility
  3. For eligible consumers the AAA Care Manager arranges the care plan.

In order to be Waiver Program eligible, you must:

  • Be 60 years of age or older
  • Meet Medicaid financial requirements or have an income of no more than 300% of the SSI level (currently $2,022/month) and no more than $8,000 in liquid assets. Only the income of the applicant is considered (income of spouse or other members of the household is not included)
  • Require the level of care of nursing home
  • Choose community-based services rather than a nursing home.

As part of the application process, you will need to have your physician complete a Physician Certification form. These forms are available through the Armstrong County Area Agency on Aging. To initiate an application contact the AAA or submit a completed Physician Certification along with your complete address and phone number so that we can arrange to visit you for an evaluation.

Once you are assessed and determined to be functionally eligible for the program, we will assist you with the completion of additional paperwork required by DPW, the PA600. The PA600 records information regarding your income and assets and is required in order for DPW to determine financial eligibility. Your financial eligibility must be determined prior to receiving PDA Waiver-funded services.

A variety of services are available under the Waiver Program. A care manager will authorize the services you require and you will then be able to select your service provider from a list of participating certified providers. Extensive care plans can be funded.

Once on service your care manager will be in contact with you regularly to assure that your needs are being adequately addressed in the program. You will be reassessed to assure continued appropriateness of your care plan.

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