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Subcontracted In-Home Services

Available Subcontracted In-Home Services

  • Housekeeping Assistance: Can offer periodic assistance with light cleaning, laundry or errands
  • Personal Care: Offer assistance with hygienic needs such as bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Respite: Offer supervision for an incapacitated person freeing the caretaker to handle other tasks
  • Companion: Offer staff to perform errands or serve as a contact for the isolated
  • Personal Assistance Service: Offer intensive hands-on care and assistance with other activities of daily living.

The Area Agency on Aging maintains contracts with service providers who service consumers directly. The AAA determines eligibility for service and forwards service authorizations for specific tasks and allotted times to the provider. The provider then arranges for service provision through their complement of staff and in turn bills our agency for services rendered.

Consumers are asked by the provider's workers to sign a statement at the end of each visit to indicate for our agency that the authorized tasks were satisfactorily completed in the amount of time indicated.

Scheduling Service by Subcontractor

The provider's administrative staff will initially call you with a start date and time. When making doctor appointments, etc., try to make your appointments around this day. Without advance notification, due to the volume of consumers served, the provider will be unable to reschedule your services. (Providers direct-service workers are unable to designate schedule changes).


  • Workers will not work in the absence of supervision available on the premises.
  • If workers complete all authorized tasks in less than the authorized service time, they are required to immediately move on to another consumer. If workers have overlooked an authorized task, consumers should feel free to ask workers to complete task if time allotted permits.
  • Workers are not permitted to transport consumers.
  • Some tasks (such as cleaning of refrigerators) are only performed on an as-needed basis rather than regularly on each visit.
  • When workers shop or launder clothing at laundromats, they are required to handle these tasks at the closest store or laundromat.
  • Workers will not perform tasks which your caseworker has not authorized. If you need to request that your authorization be extended to include additional tasks, you will need to contact your caseworker.

Cancellations/Scheduling Changes

If you need to cancel a single home visit due to illness, doctor appointment, etc., you must contact the provider. They also need to be contacted directly to make schedule changes.

If you need to cancel your service for more than a single visit, please make your cancellation through your caseworker at the Area Agency on Aging at 724-548-3290 or 1-800-368-1066.

Redetermination of Service Eligibility

Eligibility for service is re-evaluated by Agency on Aging staff no less than bi-annually. AAA workers will re-evaluate medical conditons as they impact on functioning, changes in consumer supports who may be able to offer assistance, etc.

Service Limitations

Housekeeping Assistance- for efficiency and to maximize service provision, workers will only perform those specific duties authorized by your caseworker in an alloted amount of time. Assistance can be authorized for routine cleaning of immediate living areas inside the home. Workers cannot be permitted to scrub on hands and knees, to move furniture or to climb on ladders. (Non-routine cleaning, etc. can be considered for authorization under the Chore program if needed to remedy a health hazard). Workers will dust around valuables to avoid accidents.

The service is intended as light assistance as opposed to an industrial cleaning service.

If at any time you have a concern about your service, please call your caseworker at the AAA with details regarding worker's name, date, time, etc.

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