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In order to qualify for Legal Services, you must be an Armstrong County resident, 60 years of age or older, you must be ineligible for alternate assistance and your legal services concern must be one of the following allowable legal tasks:

  • Wills
  • Utility Concerns
  • Living Wills
  • Consumer Problems through arbitration (concerns of $400 or more but under $25,000 not to include civil litigation)
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Civil Rights
  • Tenant/Landlord Relations (where client is tenant)
  • Matters Concerning Relationships w/others in Household
  • Financial Benefit Applications and Appeals to include filing for disability
  • Grandparent's Rights
  • Bankruptcy
  • Protection from Abuse Orders (if assistance not available through any other source)

Legal Services at the Armstrong County Agency on Aging are provided by its contracted legal firm:

Preston Younkins
The Old Library, 200 North Jefferson Street
Kittanning, PA 16201
  • Phone: 724-548-8166

For client convenience, the attorney maintains limited hours at a sattellite office, 502 Market Street, Freeport, PA 16229.

When we authorize legal services, this means that our Agency will pay our attorney's hourly rate to assist you with the designated legal services issue. Any cost for which you would be responsible will be discussed with you by the attorney. The authorization form is presented to our attorney by you, the client, so that the attorney knows that our Agency has authorized your service and specifically for what task. Unless you present the authorization form to the attorney on your first visit, the Armstrong County Agency on Aging cannot pay for the service you receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the legal services appointment with the attorrney?
You, the client, are responsible for contacting the attorney's office to schedule your appointment. It is necessary that you schedule an appointment, since walk-ins cannot be accommodated. Simply call the Kittanning office to make an appointment, even if you wish to utilize the satellite office.
Which attorney do I contact?
Under our program service can only be provided by our contracted attorney. We cannot provide or pay for service from any other firm.
What kinds of legal services charges would I as a client be responsible for?
The Agency pays our attorney's hourly rate. The Agency does not pay for any expenses necessary for having professionals perform evaluations, cost of serving subpoenas, costs of obtaining medical records, filing fees, photocopying fees, etc., if they would be necessary to your case. Most cases do not involve these kinds of costs. If your case will involve a cost to you, the attorney will explain this to you in advance.
My authorization states that in my case, the Agency has authorized "consultation only". What does this mean?
It means that in your particular case the Agency has authorized payment for an initial consultation only, so that you can be advised of your options. The attorney will also be able to learn details about your situation, so that in some cases he may be able to help the Agency on Aging decided whether or not we can authorize additional legal services necessary for resolution of your problem.
There is an expiration date listed on my authorization. What does this mean?
It means that you have until that specified expiration date to contact our attorney's office to schedule your first appointment. (Establishing this date is useful to us in planning our budget.) When you receive your legal services authorization, you should call as soon as possible to make your appointment.
Under what circumstances should I recontact the Agency on Aging concerning Legal Services?
There is no need for you to recontact the Agency on Aging staff concerning your legal services. If you should have a concern about your attorney, or a question concerning how our Legal Services Program works, by all means, call us. However once the attorney accepts your case, any information about or questions concerning the legal services issue, should be directed to the attorney to avoid any possible confusion. Your attorney will be the only Agency-affiliated person who can inform you, advise you or take legal action on your case.
Once I have a legal services authorization form from the Agency on Aging, is the Agency's attorney required to follow through with legal action for me?
The Armstrong County Agency on Aging will respect the attorney's opinion on whether a case is appropriate for our legal services program, whether it is of benefit or of sufficient benefit to the client to merit service costs to the Agency.

Consumer Satisfaction Survey

When your case is closed with the attorney, the Area Agency on Aging will forward a satisfaction survey to you inquiring about your legal services received. (Although the Agency on Aging does not charge for its legal services, donations are accepted and can be returned to the Agency on Aging with the satisfaction survey.)

If you have any further questions about the referral procedure, etc., feel free to contact the Agency at 724-548-3290 or 1-800-368-1066.

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