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Caring for an elderly relative in the home can be stressful and sometimes costly. The Family Caregiver Support Program offers a variety of services which target the needs of those families who are caring for an age 60 or older functionally dependent care receiver. The financial assistance is provided to reinforce, rather than replace care being provided to the elderly individual. The financial benefits are available to reimburse caregivers for expenses directly related to the provision of care.

Services and Benefits Uniquely Available through the Family Caregiver Program

  • In most cases applicants qualify for a reimbursement rate of 100% toward monthly expenses of $200 for the purchase of necessary pre-approved supplies and or services (liberal income guidelines apply). Some example fo these include disposable briefs and wages of workers hired to provide respite
  • Reimbursement (limited to $2,000) for home modifications or assistive devices. (Liberal income guidelines apply). Some examples include wheelchair ramps and stair glides
  • Supplemental Services Available: benefits counseling, service recommendation and referral.

Federal FCSP

Some families may be eligible for up to $500 per month reimbursement for caretaker expenses and supplies if they meet certain Federal guidelines. The FCSP care manager will assist in determining which FCSP (State, Federal or both) you and your family are qualified to receive.

Appropriate Consumer

To be appropriate for the service, one must be an Armstrong County resident who is age 60 or older and who requires continuous supervision/care an must have a primary caregiver. (If your elderly relative is an under 60 adult who is medically certified as having a chronic dementia and you would be interested in FCSP benefits and services, please call us to discuss possible eligibility).

The Department of Aging defines "family member", etc. and it provides income guidelines pertaining to the household which govern those Family Caregiver benefits of a financial nature.

Application Process

Interested applicants should phone the Armstrong County Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-368-1066 to arrange for a home visit by the FCSP care manager. The care manager will evaluate and consider the appropriateness for Agency on Aging programs. (Some programs are not necessarily available simultaneously). The care manager will guide the family in choosing services that will be most beneficial to their situation. Applicants whose primary interest is not in Family Caregivers financial benefits are directed toward the Agency's regular gammut of services so as to preserve Family Caregiver slots for those who wish to avail themselves themselves of its unique benefits.

If choosing the FCSP is the family's best alternative, the care manager will help the family arrange those benefits unique to the FCSP, enabling them to receive maximum financial benefits and maximum control and flexibility.

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